This 6-Year-Old Budding Makeup Artist Has Taken The Beauty Community By Storm

“No way, that is brilliant!” commented another user.

“You must have helped her,” said a third.

But, it quickly became clear that Kassie has watched her mom’s makeup methods closely and is truly a budding makeup artist herself.

Shab has continued to publicize Kassie’s creations since that first video blew up, and the now six-year-old is more popular than ever.

She has now mastered sculpted eyebrows, smokey eyeshadow, and winged eyeliner using makeup tape.

Kassie’s mom even posted a glow-up video showing how Kassie’s journey started and where it is now.

“Talent cannot be taught, but it can be awakened,” Shab captioned the video.

Unfortunately, though, the six-year-old still takes the heat from some haters who claim she is not as advanced as the videos seem.

Some users have accused Shab of assisting her daughter off camera and editing the videos to look like Kassie completes the makeup without any guidance.

But, Shab addressed these accusations and called on her own experiences as a once-learning makeup artist to shut the haters down.

“I never came on here [TikTok] and said Kassie was a born makeup artist,” the mom said. “Is this a talent, or is she being guided?”

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