This Blind Woman Received An Unsolicited Photo From A Man, And Her Screenreader Totally Roasted Him When Audibly Describing The Image

Imagine you are just going about your day, scrolling on social media, when a random text message from a dating app match pops up on your phone.

You excitedly click on the notification, perhaps anticipating a “how are you” or, even better, an ask out for a date.

But then, your eyes are suddenly scarred and burning. It was an unwanted photo of your match’s pickle that no one ever asked for!

The sad reality is that dating apps and technology, in general, have seriously increased the odds of an unsolicited picture ending up in your inbox.

I mean, think about it. Do you know anyone who has never received one?

In fact, a recent study conducted by’s Singles in America (SIA) even found that eighty percent of men and nearly fifty percent of women reported receiving a pickle picture at one point or another. Plus, nearly ninety percent of all people reported that they never asked.

So, in the wake of so many unwanted eggplants hurdling through cyberspace, women, in particular, have come up with some pretty hilarious comebacks.

But, after you hear about how one TikToker named Claire Sisk recently interpreted an unsolicited photo she received last week, you will be rolling on the floor.

TikTok; pictured above is Claire

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