This TikTok Mom Battled Backlash After Buying Her Three-Year-Old Daughter Louis Vuitton Purses

Dress-up trunks, foam blocks, toy cash registers, and music books. These are some of the most popular items parents purchase for their three-year-old daughters.

But, one mom named Christi Fritz has been battling backlash after she provided the TikTok community with an inside look at her toddler’s room after it underwent renovations.

The luxurious taupe and white-themed bedroom features a gorgeous upholstered headboard, tassel chandelier, makeup vanity, and walk-in closet. And some followers were utterly jealous of her aesthetic room.

“She has a better room than me,” commented one user.

“Does she need a roomie? This is my dream room!” wrote a second user.

But, the bulk of the hate stemmed from what was inside her daughter’s closet– three Louis Vuitton bags.

“Why did you buy your three-year-old Louis Vuitton purses?” asked one commenter, along with a slew of other users.

Christi created an entire TikTok to respond to these comments and explain her thought process behind the purchases.

TikTok; pictured above is Christi’s adorable daughter

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