Check Out This Recipe For Tacos That You Can Make Right In A Slow Cooker

He then takes a taco-sized tortilla, dips it in the crockpot liquid, and places it on top of the melted cheese. He flips the tortilla before adding the beef and then folds it, and presses down with a spatula. Once everything is nice and melty, the taco is finished.

Don’t forget about the best part of birria tacos! You then serve the tacos with a side of that beautiful consumé broth that is left with the beef in the crock pot. Dip your taco in the broth before taking a bite! Even if they’re not authentic birria tacos, they look incredibly yummy.

One TikTok user commented that she made them for dinner and loved them. She also noted that she had a ton of leftovers and asked what to do with them. Luke responded that he likes to take the leftover meat and use it in taquitos.

“It’s also good over rice and freezes well,” commented Luke.

Well, now you have a new ‘Taco Tuesday’ recipe to introduce to your friends and family!

To view the original TikTok video, visit the link here.

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