He Told His Female Roommate That She Dresses In A Way That’s Just Unattractive And Lazy

Galina - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old guy has a female roommate a year older than him, and her name is Gina. He’s lived with Gina for the past 2 years, but he has known Gina for 4 years.

Gina’s style and taste in clothing are on the comfy and “cool” side of things. He describes her style as completely “basic,” but since this is how Gina likes to dress, he has never made a remark on her sense of style.

He has intentionally kept his opinions to himself, as Gina is not only his roommate; she’s one of his closest friends.

“Her workplace still allows WFH, so she stays in the apartment for the most part while I go out, and usually when I come back, she’s in her pajamas and a frumpy top,” he explained.

“It’s like living with a teenager (because she reminds me of my sister). I don’t feel like I’m living with a grown-up. Yet I’ve never said anything.”

“A couple of days ago, she came out with us for drinks and wore some old jeans while the rest of us were dressed well (she had worn this same outfit recently as well when she was invited).”

Although he didn’t remark on what Gina had on that evening when they got back to their apartment later, Gina asked him a question.

She wanted to know if something was wrong with what she had on, and he figured one of their friends said something to her about how she dressed that night.

“…I told her politely that yes, we’re a group of professionals, and it would’ve been nicer had she worn something more decent,” he said.

Galina – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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