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He Walked Out On A Date With A Girl And When She Realized She Was Left To Pay Their Check, She Freaked Out On Him

He figured that perhaps the bar wasn’t the best scene for getting to know her, so he suggested that they wrap things up and go on a walk to a nearby pier.

His date mentioned that she wasn’t able to go on a walk with him along the water because she needed to go out to some clubs with her friends in a bit.

“At that point, I kind of realized she just used me for free food and drinks to pregame before going out,” he said.

“So I went to the bathroom and slipped out through the back and left. She blew up on me over text until I blocked her.”

He’s left wondering if it was a mean thing to do, ditching her with the check like that. Would you have done the same thing if you were in his shoes?

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