Her Boyfriend Asked For A Key To Her Deceased Friend’s Apartment, Who He Barely Knew, And When She Said No, He Got Really Offended And Accused Her Of Not Trusting Him

leszekglasner - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Just a few weeks ago, this twenty-seven-year-old woman tragically lost her best friend of fifteen years, Aaron. He was only thirty-years-old.

And unfortunately, Aaron never got married or had any family. So, she was the one left with the responsibility of taking care of his belongings and his apartment after he passed.

“I keep the key with me to visit the apartment every weekend to check on it,” she said.

Anyway, her boyfriend eventually noticed that she always kept the key on her. Then, one day, he asked for a copy of the key totally out of the blue.

She was completely caught off guard and thought the request was really bizarre– especially since her boyfriend and Aaron did not even know each other that well.

In fact, she and her boyfriend have only been dating for six months– a mere fraction of the time she had known Aaron for.

So anyway, she asked why her boyfriend would even want a copy of the apartment key. But then, he apparently got really offended she would even ask that. Plus, her boyfriend even accused her of “gatekeeping Aaron’s memory”– which was, again, pretty suspicious.

In turn, she ended up just apologizing to her boyfriend but reiterating that Aaron’s apartment was her responsibility. After all, Aaron had a lot of valuable items in his apartment, and she did not want to risk anything going missing.

“And besides, what business could he possibly have there?” she asked herself.

leszekglasner – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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