Her Family Is Upset That She’s Buying Designer Things For Herself When They Don’t Have Any Money

Marat - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman lives in the UK, and as soon as she was legally allowed to work, she got herself a job.

She worked hard to get to where she is right now, and she finally makes enough money that, after paying for her expenses, she has money left over to spend on designer things for herself.

She buys designer shoes, bags, and jewelry with her own money, but this is a far cry from how she grew up.

“That hasn’t always been the case,” she explained. “My family is Asian, and since they got married, my parents had fully financially supported my dad’s family and also given financial help to my mum’s parents when they needed it.”

“It wasn’t unusual for my parents to take me shopping every 3 or 4 months to buy new clothes for my cousins, while I got hand-me-downs or second-hand clothes from charity shops and car boot sales.”

After she did get a job, she still had to fork money over to her parents. She was required to deposit her money into her mom and dad’s bank account, and then they would only let her have $10 or $20 each week.

In contrast, her cousins would get brand new phones, new bikes, basically, everything they wanted, and they didn’t work at all.

“So while as a household we were probably making enough income to count as middle class, we were ourselves living frugally,” she said.

As time wore on and she started going to college, her uncle’s wife began commenting on how her parents needed to pay for all 4 of their kids to go to college too.

Marat – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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