Her Friend Forgot Her Birthday, So She Purposely Got Her Friend’s Birthday Trip To Vegas Canceled

Her friends in the group did know that she would be spending her birthday alone, but still, nobody brought up making any plans to celebrate with her.

Her birthday fell on a weekend this year, and a few days before, she sent Mary a text wondering what they should do for the weekend, but she did not point out again to Mary it would be her birthday on one of those days.

Mary replied back that she was planning on hanging out with her boyfriend, whom she had only met 2 weeks ago, though she hadn’t really finalized any plans.

Mary then said that she was hoping to spend time with him on that Sunday, which was her birthday. She wasn’t sure what to say back, so she just said, “oh, ok.”

She was really holding out hope that Mary and their friends were throwing her for a loop and that Mary at least would pull something together.

Her boyfriend even suggested that perhaps they were all planning to surprise her with a party.

“They actually did forget,” she said. “Everyone forgot. I never missed a birthday, and I never missed a party, and I always gave a gift.”

“I told Mary I will not be going to Vegas either with them for her birthday. That will make everything more expensive for everyone, and they will now have to cancel the trip overall since another person backed out before me.”

“It’s just too expensive with less people. Now her birthday trip is ruined. If I go, the trip is back on, but I’ve decided against it. My friends are very upset that I’m being this sensitive about my birthday enough to ruin a whole planned trip, relying on me as a participant.”

She does feel terrible that her birthday was destroyed, and she feels even worse that Mary’s birthday is bound to be ruined now too.

All of their friends were excited to go to Vegas, but they can’t go, so she’s letting everyone down.

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