Her Grandma Yelled At Her For Her Wedding Dress Being “Too Revealing”

Denys - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-three-year-old woman is set to get married this year and recently picked up her wedding dress– how exciting!

But, the gown is not going into alterations until the wedding gets a bit closer. So, in the meantime, she asked to leave the dress at her grandma’s house to avoid her fiancé accidentally seeing it. And, of course, her grandma said yes.

Then, once she got to her grandma’s house, she also tried on the gown since her grandma had never seen it before.

Her grandma claimed to have liked it overall, but she is a bit old-fashioned and also started making comments about her looking “so busty” in her dress.

“But I have a large chest, so it doesn’t matter what I wear. Anyone with eyes can see that I have big boobs,” she explained.

Regardless, her grandma then started eyeing the dress up and down before offering to make some alterations in order to make the dress more “modest.”

She reiterated that her dress would be getting altered soon, though, and told her grandma that was not necessary.

Still, though, her grandma would not stop pushing the topic. In fact, she was even asked if, during the alterations, she planned on “covering up” her chest. Plus, the grandma accused her of leaving everything “hanging out.”

“I didn’t even think she would have a problem with the dress in the first place because I don’t even feel that it’s revealing. But, she did not shut up about how much she hated how ‘low-cut’ the dress was,” she recalled.

Denys – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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