Her Grandma Yelled At Her For Her Wedding Dress Being “Too Revealing”

In turn, she could sense that her grandma might go behind her back and alter the dress without her approval.

So, she told her grandma that if she felt any urge to do that, she would just take her wedding dress and find someone else to hang on to it.

Her grandma did not take this well, though. Instead, the grandma got super defensive before stooping even lower before.

At that point, her morals were questioned for wearing “such a dress.”

She simply could not take her grandma’s hurtful comments anymore after that and definitely did not feel comfortable leaving the dress at her grandma’s house anymore.

So, she packed it up, said her goodbyes, and brought the dress back to her own house.

Then, she confided in her mom about everything that had happened.

And while her mom ultimately agreed that the dress was not revealing in the slightest and that her grandma should not alter the dress, her mom still kind of blamed the fight on her.

“She said I started a fight for no reason and that I should apologize to my grandma. But, I didn’t feel like it was a fight because I was still being very respectful of my grandma despite her yelling at me,” she said.

In fact, that’s exactly why she just packed up her things and left– in order to avoid an argument since her grandma’s comments about her morals really upset her.

Nonetheless, she is super disappointed to be having a conflict with her grandma so close to the wedding.

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