Her Husband Wants Her To Take Down Her Daughter’s High School Graduation Photo And Hang Up His Master’s Degree Grad Photo Instead

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This woman’s eighteen-year-old daughter graduated high school last May, and, of course, she was over the moon about the achievement.

So, they hosted a graduation party, and afterward, she decided to hang a photo from the event on her living room wall.

“My daughter wants to go to a community college and will live with me and her stepdad while doing that,” she explained.

Nonetheless, her husband shockingly had a massive issue with the new photo on the wall.

For context, her husband recently completed his master’s degree, and a few days ago, he showed her his new graduation photo. He had already gotten the picture framed and was also preparing to hang it on the wall.

She was excited about that, too, and asked where he was going to hang it. So, when he said the living room, she thought that was perfect and commented how it would look great next to her daughter’s photo.

“But, he said not next to it, instead of it,” she recalled. Yikes.

Apparently, her husband believes that a master’s degree graduation photo should not be hung next to a high school graduation photo.

In fact, he thinks that they hold totally different weights and values and that it is not right for them to be displayed next to one another. So, he asked her to take her daughter’s photo down and hang up his instead.

BestForYou – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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