Her Sister’s Kids Fell Asleep With Her In Her Bed, And She Was Horrified When Her Brother-In-Law Tried To Get In With All Of Them

Finally, her brother-in-law exited her bedroom, but he made sure he took the children back home.

Before he left her house, he accused her of being “rude” and “unnecessarily cruel” for not allowing him to slide into her own bed.

The following morning, she called him to see how the children were doing, but he mentioned they were still asleep since she had woken them all up after she wouldn’t allow him to get in her bed with them.

Her brother-in-law also was clearly still upset with her too when she spoke to him over the phone that morning.

“I hung up and felt so many things all at once,” she said. “I told my mom, and she said I had to apologize for how I behaved towards my grieving BIL.”

She’s left wondering if it was mean of her not to allow her brother-in-law to get in her bed with the children.

Do you think she’s making a big deal out of this as her mom thinks?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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