His Wife Helped Their Kids Improperly Release A Wild Rabbit, So The Rabbit Got Taken By A Hawk, And Now His Kids Are Traumatized

Yi - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Last week, this man’s children were playing outside when they found an adorable little bunny near their property and brought it home. Then, as you might have guessed, they begged him and his wife to let them keep it.

But, he knew they could not keep a wild rabbit as a pet. Plus, his family already has a bunch of pets, and the bunny was large enough to fend for itself in the wild.

“So, I tried to nicely tell my kids that the bunny needed to go back home to its family. And they were sad but agreed to take it back,” he recalled.

However, he was busy working from home at the time and could not accompany them for the rabbit’s release. In turn, his wife– who is a stay-at-home mom– went with them.

Before they left, though, he advised his wife to leave the bunny near some thorn bushes on the outskirts of their property. That way, the rabbit could have some protective cover since they live in a rural area filled with predators.

But, just a short while later, his children ran into the house hysterically crying while his wife trailed behind, trying to calm them down. And once he asked what had happened, he was horrified.

Apparently, his wife had told the kids to leave the bunny in the middle of the yard instead of in the bushes. And, right after they set it down, a hawk swooped in for the kill.

“They even described the poor bunny’s screams. I was mortified and then angry at my wife for not letting it go the way I had advised,” he said.

But, once he asked his wife for an explanation, she just defended herself and claimed the animal was “just a bunny” and that “the kids would get over it.”

Yi – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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