She Bought Her Mom A Home With A Condition That Her Brother And His Family Did Not Move In Too

Tatyana Gladskih - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This forty-six-year-old woman’s father abandoned her family when she was just a child. And ever since, her seventy-six-year-old mother has not been the same.

So now that she is an adult in stable financial condition, she tries to help out her mother as best she can with groceries and bills. But, caring for her mother is very complicated since her mom refuses to go live with her.

“She remains in the terrible house that my father gave her in the divorce. And my brother, sister-in-law, and their three children live in a house in the back,” she explained.

Apparently, her brother recognized that their childhood home had a huge yard and decided to build himself a house in the back. And since then, he has basically been using their mother as a free babysitter.

Plus, her mother also looks after the dogs her brother adopted and even pays for his children’s food sometimes. This is another huge issue since her mom only receives a small retirement salary that is really only enough to support one person.

“So, I have been saving money for more than a decade to buy her a house. And I finally got it,” she said.

The house is a simple one-bedroom and one-bathroom home with a large yard and garden. In other words, it is essentially perfect for her mother.

And after speaking to her mom, they both decided it would be best to keep the house under her name in case her brother ever tried to pull something.

“I also warned her that I did not want my brother to move in with her. But, in return, she would not have to worry about bills and food anymore since I would help. She looked relieved,” she recalled.

Tatyana Gladskih – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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