She Caught Feelings For The Guy Her Roommate Was Seeing Not Too Long Ago, And Her Roommate Is Not Happy

prostooleh - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has a roommate who is 19, whom she has lived with for close to one year so far. Her roommate isn’t just someone she lives with, though; her roommate was her friend first.

Around 10 months back, her roommate was dating this guy named Callum. Her roommate spent about a month or 2 with him, and she did bring him back to hang out at their place multiple times.

“They ended up not working out, and he stopped replying to her altogether,” she explained.

“It wasn’t until they had stopped talking that she had realized how much she liked him and was pretty upset, crying over him for a while.”

“She told me that it was partly her fault for not telling him about her feelings and pursuing him. I tried my best to support her during this time, but she mostly likes to keep to herself when upset, so we probably only had 1 conversation about it.”

After her roommate and Callum broke up, Callum started dating another girl seriously, and her roommate found other guys to date.

Not too long ago, Callum and his new girlfriend split up, and she began chatting with him. At first, their conversations were simply about mental health and helping one another.

Her roommate was aware that she was speaking to Callum, and although her roommate was not thrilled about it, her roommate said it was all ok.

“My roommate and Callum start becoming friends again, and we all hang out a few times,” she said.

prostooleh – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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