She Really Would Love To Have Her 16-Year-Old Daughter Make Her Wedding Cake, But Her Fiancé Thinks This Is Ridiculous

She thinks her loved ones will appreciate her daughter baking their wedding cake, actually.

Her fiancé simply isn’t alright with letting her daughter take over on the wedding cake, and he’s concerned he will be humiliated in front of his own family members. They have since gotten into a blowout fight over the cake, and they can’t come to an agreement.

After the fight, her fiancé’s mom called her to try to get her to agree to hire someone to make their cake.

“She suggested we get a “professional” cake for the wedding and then have my daughter maybe bake some cupcakes for the buffet or something,” she continued.

“But I wasn’t convinced and felt like they’re deciding my wedding plans for me and forcing what they want on me. I don’t care how the cake will look, but it’s the sentiment I care about.”

She’s wondering if it’s wrong of her to really want to let her 16-year-old daughter make the wedding cake.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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