She Told Her Sister There Was Nothing In The World That Would Ever Make Her A Bridesmaid

Even after they eventually moved out of their childhood home and went their separate ways, her sister continued telling family members how much of a bully she had been.

So now, at twenty-four, she essentially has a true hatred for her sister. And this has presented her with a significant problem now that she is engaged. During the wedding planning, she asked two of her closest friends to be her bridesmaids. But, instead of the decision being a happy one, her sister found out and totally dampened her parade.

“My sister told me I should have asked her and that she wanted to do it. But, I told her there was nothing in the world that would make me ask her, and I would sooner have no bridesmaids than have her as one,” she explained.

It might have been a harsh response, but also completely understandable. Her sister and parents, though, did not agree at all. Instead, her sister called her a total jerk, and her parents even tried convincing her to make her sister a bridesmaid.

But, she said that her parents are not even getting an invite to the wedding because they condoned her sister’s behavior over the years and never put a stop to it. Plus, she still stands behind her decision that her sister will never be a bridesmaid.

Nonetheless, she is not sure if how she went about telling her sister about the decision was justified or if the biting remark totally crossed a line. 

Do you think her response to her sister was too harsh or not harsh enough? How would you have handled that situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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