She Wants Her Boyfriend To Pay Her $400 To Replace Her Bras That Were Stolen Out Of A Laundromat

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A woman and her boyfriend split chores in their household, and one of the chores they switch between is laundry.

So, the other day, her boyfriend went down to their local laundromat to do his laundry and hers as well.

Unfortunately, after he was done doing their laundry, he accidentally left behind a bag that had all 7 of her bras inside.

As soon as she noticed that her bras were missing from their pile of laundry, she asked her boyfriend to head back to the laundromat to see if he could find them.

Although he looked around, her bras had gone missing, and the owner of the laundromat told her boyfriend there just was no way to track them down.

You might be thinking it’s no big deal for her to just go buy different bras to replace what was stolen, but it’s not that easy for her.

She wears a bra size that’s 32K, so it’s nearly impossible to find her size in any regular store.

“More than that, I’d finally gotten to the point where I know what style bras actually fit me comfortably, and those 7 bras were ones I’d specifically chosen because they fit me well and look good on me,” she explained.

“When I asked him to please replace them since he’s the one who lost them, he at first agreed – until I sent him links to each of the bras (minus one no longer made), and the cost was nearly $400.”

AILA_IMAGES – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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