She Was Stalked In High School By A Guy Who Sold Everything In His Home Country Before Flying To Her Town To Look For Her

A woman recently posted a viral TikTok about a stalking situation that had other users desperate for more information.

Emily Zeck (@thatpineapplegirl) is an influencer, surfer, and country music singer. But before she started making waves online, she went through an insane experience with someone from thousands of miles away.

Emily was a high school student when she received a call from a man in France. According to her video, it was a 30-year-old man who claimed to be in love with her. Can you imagine getting that call as a teenager?

If that wasn’t creepy enough, it gets worse. Emily then writes in her video that one week later, that same man had sold all of his things and left his home country to look for Emily. He showed up at her local Starbucks to find her.

Emily was scared to tell her parents, so at that time, all she did was block his number, despite how freaked out she was by the whole thing.

For three years, Emily didn’t hear from the man at all. Until one day, he got into contact with Emily’s parents.

Emily came home from school one day to find cop cars in front of her house and her mom in hysterics since the man began to threaten them. How terrifying!

The stalker sent Emily’s family pictures of a fake dating profile made by a catfish. Essentially, someone had created the profile using pictures of Emily, and that is who this man claimed to be in love with.

TikTok; pictured above is Emily in one of her videos

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