This Man Grabbed A Mattress To Help Rescue A Mom And Her Kids From A Burning Building

A man is responsible for saving the lives of a family of three after heroically leading them to their rescue after their house had burst into flames.

At around midnight on September 3rd, residents could hear the screams of the children that lived at 10-12 Delford street in Boston, Massachusetts. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Dieula Lumac, a next door neighbor, heard the screams as she was getting ready to leave her home to work a night shift.

At first, she thought the siblings were arguing until she stepped outside, saw the house in flames, and discovered that the children were stuck on the second floor with their mother, desperate to escape.

After ordering her two children to get out of her house, Dieula went back outside to seek help for her neighbors. Thankfully, another neighbor, Clidfod Saintjen, had already raced outside to see what he could do.

In the middle of all the chaos, Clidfod remembered an old mattress that he had left sitting up against the fence separating his house from his neighbors. He placed the mattress underneath the window the family was calling out from and told them to jump.

“I tell them ‘Don’t be scared. The fire, the fire will hurt you guys,’” Clidfod told the Boston Globe.

One by one, the family of three jumped down from the fiery house and onto the mattress—first the 5-year-old girl, then the teenage boy, then their mother.

“When that happens, everyone is supposed to get scared, but when you see fire, people in the fire, you know what the fire means [for them],” Clidfod said. “I saved a life, but I don’t feel like a hero.”

Twitter; pictured above is a tweet about the fire from the Boston Fire Department

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