After She Was A Bridesmaid In Her Best Friend’s Wedding, She Vanished Later That Night: Neither Her Nor Her Pickup Truck Was Ever Found

February 10, 1990, was supposed to be a day of love, laughter, and quality time for thirty-three-year-old Marty Benthin Evans.

The divorced mother of two had been asked to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding. She was a bit nervous about the role but accepted it, and her sister made her gown.

And come the day of her best friend’s wedding, Marty accessorized with baby’s breath in her updo and attended the event at the High Climber Room Lounge in Knappa, Oregon. But, what exactly happened that night following the ceremony and reception has remained a mystery for over thirty-two years– because Marty was never seen again.

What we do know is that after the wedding, Marty stopped by her mother’s house. She had been living there with her ten-year-old son, Andrew after they moved back from Ashland. Marty’s daughter had been staying with her ex-husband, who lived locally.

Then, while there, Marty reportedly had emotional conversations both with an unknown man on the phone and her ex.

“Crying and crying on the phone,” Gloria White, her mother, recalled to KOIN 6 News.

Once Marty calmed down, though, her family tried to give her some gas money. Afterward, she borrowed her brother’s pickup truck– a 1984 Ford Ranger– to meet friends at a Knappa bar known as The Logger. Marty arrived still wearing the bridesmaid gown and, according to friends, still seemed upset.

Marty then left the bar later on and drove to a convenience store and gas station that was located on Highway 30. Gloria explained how Marty got gas while there but only put four dollars in the tank– because that was all the money Marty would accept from her family.

Facebook; pictured above is Marty

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