During Lucy Letby’s First Day Of Her Trial, The Jury Learned She Allegedly Injected Babies With Air And Searched The Victims’ Families On Facebook Afterward

Apparently, both of the children– who were boys– experienced blood sugar levels that “inexplicably dropped to dangerous levels.” Thankfully, though, they did survive after other staff members in the neonatal unit intervened. 

And at first, the drop in blood sugar was attributed to natural causes– because, according to Johnson, the idea that a hospital staff member would intentionally harm a child never came to mind. 

“Nobody would think in the neonatal unit of a hospital someone was trying to kill babies,” Johnson explained. 

Then, the prosecution detailed how Child E and Child M were harmed– followed by the death of Child E after air was fatally injected into their bloodstream. 

The term “harmed” varied from child to child. For some, that meant injected with air; for others, injection with insulin. However, Johnson believes that the different means all point back to Lucy. 

“The constant presence when they were fatally attacked, or collapsed, was Lucy Letby,” he noted. 

It also came to light that Lucy allegedly made as many as three attempts before killing some of the children and then searched for the victims’ families on Facebook afterward. 

“We suggest it is an unusual interest, and we will see that on occasions, she searched in quick succession for several of the families of children’s names who appear on this indictment,” Johnson said. 

The prosecution also described in-depth the circumstances surrounding Child A’s death and Child B’s incidence of harm.

Child A reportedly “most likely” died after being injected with air via an umbilical venous catheter or a long line. Then, Child B experienced rapidly falling oxygen levels just twenty-eight hours after Child A died. 

Lucy was not Child B’s designated nurse. However, Lucy still took the child’s blood gases. Then, about thirty minutes later, Child B was no longer breathing. Their oxygen saturation level had fallen to fifty percent, and the child was turning blue. 

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