He Went Out Of His Way To Bake His Girlfriend Her Favorite Pumpkin Pie, But After She Put Down His Efforts, He Ignored Her Calls

Nina - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old guy has been dating his 32-year-old girlfriend named Laura for close to a year now, and recently, they were discussing some fall topics.

Laura brought up to him that she really missed the pumpkin pie that her dad used to make for her, as it really was her favorite.

Laura then said that her dad’s recipe was super simple, so he thought it would be a fantastic idea to surprise Laura with a pumpkin pie similar to her dad’s recipe.

Laura’s mom and dad don’t live in the same state that they do, and she rarely gets to see her parents. He really wanted to do something nice for Laura by making her this pie, especially since she’s been feeling pretty sad about not getting to spend a lot of time with her family.

“On Friday night, we were going to have dinner and watch a movie at her place,” he explained.

“Once I got off work, I got right to making the pie. I’m no chef, but I stuck close to a recipe I found online, and it smelled delicious when it was ready.”

“Once we finish dinner, I showed Laura the pie and put it in the oven to warm up as we started the movie. When it was ready, I cut us each a slice, and she took one bite and grimaced. I asked her what was wrong with the pie, and she said something to the effect of “At least you tried, but please don’t ever make another one.” She started laughing, and I immediately looked away, admittedly a little hurt by that comment.”

Laura did take note of how much she hurt him and attempted to change the topic by saying he excelled at other events.

Instead of feeling sorry for being so mean to him, though, Laura just came across as angry at him for being upset in the first place with her comment.

Nina – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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