Her Coworker Has An Alleged Strawberry Allergy, And After She Brought Strawberries To Work For Lunch, Some Of The People In Her Office Started Sending Her Nasty Emails

ikostudio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old girl currently has a job in a large office located in a major city. On the floor of the office building where she works, there aren’t a lot of people up there; about a dozen or so, as they’re all part of a really particular part of the company.

So anyway, every single day, she brings her lunch with her to work, as she has zero time to get up from her desk and go out to get food.

“One of my favorite foods is strawberries, and I eat them all the time,” she explained. “About a week ago, a woman I’ll call Jane (47f) started working in the room about 7 doors down from me. A couple of days ago, I pulled out my lunch and started munching on my strawberries while trying to type an e-mail.”

“Jane knocks on my door and asks me what the hell I’m doing. She says this in a very high-pitched, pissed tone, so I’m taken aback, and all I can murmur out is a small “what-“ before she starts yelling at me. She goes on about how I should know she’s allergic and that even smelling strawberries can cause her a severe reaction.”

“I cough on my strawberry and rush to put it back in its container, and she gets even angrier that I didn’t already know. I apologize and put my food back in my lunch box, then put it in the drawer of my desk.”

The day after Jane confronted her, she asked her supervisor Derrick if she could speak to him about what had happened with Jane.

As she was sitting across from Derrick, she asked if they could create signs for each of their offices stating the allergies they might all have at the company.

Derrick was puzzled by her request and couldn’t understand why she would ask that. She filled Derrick in on how Jane had yelled at her about the strawberries, and Derrick replied that Jane has no paperwork from a doctor proving that she has an allergy.

Additionally, when Jane filled out paperwork to start working there, there was a section to fill in allergies, and Jane didn’t put that she was allergic to anything.

ikostudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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