Her Fiancé Wants Her To Wear Flats At Their Wedding Because He Is Shorter Than Her, But She Is Refusing

majdansky - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-seven-year-old woman is currently engaged, and her wedding is rapidly approaching. But she is still agonizing over one part of her bridal wardrobe– what shoes to wear.

To be clear, though: this debacle is not a debate of style. Instead, it has to do with her husband-to-be’s height.

Apparently, her fiancé is short compared to other men, and she is slightly taller than him. And this trait has always been a major source of insecurity for him.

His friends have a long list of nicknames that he despises, ranging from “shorty” and “koala” to “hobbit.” Unfortunately, her fiancé’s friends also have a ton of jokes to go along with the names, too.

So, amidst the wedding planning, her husband asked if she would consider wearing flat shoes at the wedding.

And honestly, she was so confused at first that she actually asked her fiancé if he was joking. But then, he launched into a lengthy explanation behind his request.

“He went on a rant about how he does not want to be made fun of at his own wedding and how if I choose to wear high heels, then we will look ‘awkward’ in the photos and in front of the guests,” she recalled.

While she sympathized with his perspective, though, she ended up refusing to wear anything but high heels. And if you could not have guessed it, her decision did not go over well with her fiancé.

In fact, he actually called her selfish and inconsiderate and claimed that she is choosing to prioritize a pair of high heels over her fiancé’s happiness and comfort on their big day.

majdansky – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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