Her Husband Ate Her Favorite Chocolates, So She Made Him Drive Around Town For Hours In Search Of The Special Flavor

Yuriy Shevtsov - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman is currently eight and a half months pregnant. So, along with struggling to fit into clothes and tie her shoes, she can also barely drive anymore.

Her husband has also been very busy picking up extra shifts in anticipation of their baby’s arrival. But thankfully, she has not been left stranded at home.

Instead, her mother has been gracious enough to drive her wherever she needs to go. And just last month, they went on one of their mother-daughter excursions.

That time, though, was reportedly extra special– because her mother drove her to her all-time favorite chocolate store so she could stock up on all of her favorites.

“The store has dozens of flavors of chocolate individually wrapped in colorful foil so you can tell the flavors,” she explained. What a pregnancy craving win.

However, over the last month, her chocolate supply has mysteriously dwindled down. And for her, that discovery was truly earth-shattering.

For context, her husband apparently knew what her favorite flavor was. Spoiler alert: it’s stracciatella.

And after she first stocked up on the chocolates, basically half of the bag was stracciatella– which she could tell by the colored foil.

Now, though, the bag was pretty evenly mixed between stracciatella and the other flavors, and she had just figured that the dwindling supply was only due to her own munching.

Yuriy Shevtsov – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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