Her Son Left His Teddy Bear At Her Ex’s House, So She Showed Up To Get It And Found Her Ex Throwing A Party

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If you have a little one, then you probably know just how much a stuffed animal can mean to children. A plush toy can remind your kiddo of a special person, a happy memory, or just provide a familiar sense of comfort.

And for this woman’s son, his teddy bear does the exact same thing. In fact, her son carries his teddy bear absolutely everywhere and cannot fall asleep without it.

So, when her son accidentally left his teddy at his father’s house, you can only imagine the mayhem that ensued.

“My son was inconsolable. It took me around three hours to get him to sleep,” she recalled.

Then, even after her son eventually just passed out from exhaustion, that was not the end. Instead, he actually woke up at about 1:00 a.m., realized his teddy was still not there and began hysterically crying all over again.

So, at that point, she was understandably pretty desperate. She had tried calling and texting her son’s father– who is her ex– numerous times throughout the night. She had hoped that her ex would answer and possibly be able to bring the teddy bear to her house.

Regardless, though, her ex never picked up the phone. And once she realized that calming her son down without the teddy bear was going to be next to impossible, she decided to just drive to her ex’s house and pick up the toy herself.

After she showed up at her ex’s house with her son, though, she discovered something pretty frustrating. Apparently, her ex had been hosting a party while she was at home trying to call him for hours on end.

Plus, her ex seemed pretty clueless about the situation even after she explained it.

PixieMe – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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