In Day Two Of Lucy Letby’s Murder Trial, The Court Learned That A Mother Walked In On Lucy While The Nurse Was Allegedly Attacking Her Baby Boy

Lucy Letby, a thirty-two-year-old nurse from the UK, is facing twenty-two charges after allegedly murdering five baby boys and two baby girls and attempting to murder ten additional babies.

Lucy worked in the neonatal care unit of Countess of Chester Hospital between June 2015 and June 2016, when seventeen babies were mysteriously harmed or died.

And at first, the smiley and eager nurse flew under the radar while hospital staff struggled to pinpoint the cause of various unexplainable instances of deteriorating infant conditions and even death.

But, in 2017, Lucy became a prime suspect after an investigation revealed that she was present during all of the events.

She was later arrested three separate times before being formally charged and taken into custody in 2020. And as of Monday, October 10, Lucy’s trial has officially begun.

Today, Tuesday, October 11, marks the second day of Lucy’s trial– in which the prosecution continued its opening.

For privacy purposes, all of the children will be referred to as letters A through Q throughout the trial. 

A Play-By-Play Of Trial Day Two – October 11, 2022

Facebook; pictured above is Lucy

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