Move Over Avacado Toast! Here’s A Recipe For Heirloom Tomato Toast

Is anyone else starting to get bored with avocado toast? Although it’s a dish that so many of us love, we can only take so much of it before we lose interest.

Well, there’s a new TikTok food trend that might just be taking avocado toast’s place as our favorite brunch-time treat. It’s called ‘tomato toast.’

Tons of TikTok creators have been adding tomatoes to their morning toast instead of avocado. Some people add a layer of cream cheese before adding slices of fresh tomato on top.

Others have only added olive oil and sea salt to their toast along with tomato. But one TikTok cook, in particular, has a unique recipe for tomato toast that looks insanely good.

Shihan’s (@chilipeppercooks) tomato toast recipe begins with a fresh heirloom tomato. He takes a grater and grates the entire tomato, creating a gorgeous spread. But that’s not all; he still has to spice it up.

To the tomato mixture, Shihan adds salt, freshly ground pepper, and olive oil to taste. Shihan also had to add his signature ingredient, a sliced Thai chili pepper. That must add some delicious heat!

Shihan then stirs up all of the spices into the tomato spread and adds it to a slice of good quality, toasty bread.

“How do you not like tomatoes?” Shihan asks his viewers before taking a big bite. Although those who cannot stand tomatoes may want to stay as far away from this recipe as possible, it might just be the new favorite food of all the tomato enthusiasts out there.

TikTok; pictured above is the heirloom tomato toast

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