She Called Her Brother A Pathetic Excuse For A Dad And Compared Him To Their Own Absent Father

So, sadly, Rose is left alone at all of their children’s events more often than not. In fact, Rose said that she could count on one hand the number of times Tom has actually shown up.

The worst event that Tom could have ever missed, though, was his daughter Kim’s high school graduation. He claimed that he “forgot” and went out drinking with his buddies. And Kim was understandably devastated.

This even led Kim to actually cut off communication with her father. Kim is now at college and has not spoken to Tom since her eighteenth birthday.

And honestly, she thought that Kim’s decision would have been a wake-up call for her brother.

Instead, though, Tom just blamed Rose for his mistake again and kept applauding himself for doing the bare minimum. But it’s not like Tom is ever there for his other daughter, Liz, either.

In fact, Tom gets to have Liz for one and a half weeks every month. And according to Liz, Tom is literally never home, and Liz just gets stuck doing all of the housework and dog-sitting.

“Liz also said that Tom couldn’t remember a single one of her friends’ or teachers’ names when she pressed him about it,” she revealed.

So anyway, if you could not have guessed, hearing all of this about her brother over the years has seriously upset her. But, after she visited her mother’s house recently and Tom was there, she finally let her brother have it.

It all began when Tom started complaining and blaming Rose for messing up again since he failed to show up at Liz’s driving test and missed Liz getting her license.

Then, Tom moved on to complaining about Liz. He first tried to say that talking to his daughter now is “like pulling teeth” before he made a really rude comment about both Liz and Rose.

“Liz tries to make me feel unloved in my own home! Her mother has turned her into an inconsiderate brat,” Tom actually said.

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