She Got Dumped The Day Before Her Wedding Was Supposed To Happen, So She Still Went On The Honeymoon Her Ex’s Parents Paid For, And She Took Her Mom With Her

This woman’s husband-to-be called off their wedding the day before it was supposed to happen because he didn’t love her anymore after five years together.

Two days before the wedding, Lacie Gooch (@laciiiegeesrna) noticed her fiancé behaving strangely, claiming he was nervous.

However, since he wouldn’t tell Lacie what exactly he was worried about, she assumed the nerves were due to the fact that they would soon be standing in front of a large crowd of people.

The next day, which was one day before the wedding, he finally admitted that he “wasn’t ready to get married” because he was no longer in love with her. This admission did not bother Lacie, since now that the wedding was off, she had been spared from further heartache down the road.

“No one wants to go through a divorce, no one wants to have a life and kids and whatnot just to find out the person never loved you,” said Lacie.

What she feels to be completely unforgivable is that her now ex-fiancé waited until the day before their wedding to tell her the truth.

“You could’ve done it months before. You didn’t have to propose. So no, I will not thank you for that,” Lacie declared.

Instead of moping around at home, Lacie decided to go on their honeymoon trip to Iceland with her mom to make the best of a bad situation. And they had a blast! Not to mention that her ex’s parents paid for the trip.

TikTok; pictured above is Lacie

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