She Left Her Fiancé At The Hospital After He Expected Her To Foot His Medical Bill

Aquamethods - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-six-year-old woman has been with her fiancé, who is twenty-eight, for about three years now.

And, for context, they both have jobs that pay them the same salary and have agreed to keep their finances separate until they get married.

However, she claims that her fiancé never really holds up his financial end of the relationship.

For instance, her fiancé never pays when they go out to dinner. On top of that, he apparently never contributes funds for any repairs in the apartment or for any furniture or home items.

And to be honest, constantly being forced to foot the bill really began to piss her off. So, she decided to have a conversation with her fiancé, but he did not really get it.

In fact, he just tried to excuse his actions by claiming that he was trying to save up money. She pointed out, though, how he has already been “saving up” for two years now.

Plus, he obviously has money to spend since he is always treating himself.

“He still has half of his salary, which he uses on himself and buys gadgets and gaming stuff,” she explained.

“And when I try to argue about it, he would say it’s his money after all and remind me of how he is saving up to buy an apartment for us.”

Aquamethods – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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