She Lied About Having A Life-Threatening Allergy To Make Sure The Restaurant Her Sister’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Was Hosted At Served Her A Vegan Meal, And It Cost Her Parents Several Hundred Dollars

Then, while eating her pasta, she realized that the cooks had swirled parmesan cheese into the pasta sauce. She believes that that was a last-ditch effort to cover up a mistake after they accidentally sprinkled parmesan cheese on top of her meal.

So anyway, after having these two negative experiences, she decided that the restaurant no longer had her trust and that she would not be taking any chances.

Then, she devised a plan to deceive the restaurant staff into following her dietary preferences. More specifically, she ended up calling ahead of her sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner and telling the staff that she had life-threatening food allergies to meat proteins, dairy, and eggs.

And she claims that after that, the restaurant finally took her seriously. In fact, she was simply served a dish of plain pasta with just salt, pepper, and fruit.

Don’t get me wrong– the meal did honestly suck. But she appreciated the consideration and was just happy that the waiters and chefs finally listened to her.

Well, that was until she got totally berated by her parents.

According to her, the restaurant had actually taken her claim of “life-threatening allergies” very seriously. In fact, the staff scrubbed down the entire kitchen, cleaned out the fryers, and double-checked ingredient lists on their products, along with a plethora of other preventative strategies.

So, all of this extra effort cost the restaurant staff an additional two hours– which her parents actually ended up being charged for on the bill.

She had no clue that her parents– who paid for her sister’s rehearsal dinner– would be invoiced for her supposed life-threatening allergen-free meal.

Regardless, though, they ended up having to pay an extra several hundred dollars. And her family was totally pissed.

“My sister and parents are LIVID. I already sent my mom the several hundred needed to cover the extra cost, but they are upset at me for lying and humiliating the chef and restaurant– whom they have close ties to,” she revealed.

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