She Offered To Pay For Her Niece’s Boarding School Tuition But Got Accused Of Trying To Be Her Mother And Using Money As A Manipulation Tactic

Anyway, in September of 2023, her daughter Luisa will be going away to boarding school. Apparently, a bunch of Luisa’s friends will be attending the school– which is an hour away from her home– and Luisa begged to go along with her friends.

So, she gave in, and Luisa was over the moon about it. Amidst all of the excitement, though, Luisa seemingly told Sophie about the big plans. And Luisa inspired Sophie to go, too.

The girls then brought this idea to her attention last week, but obviously, she was not in the position to decide for Charlie. So she told the girls that they would have to wait for Charlie and Rebecca to think it over.

In the back of her mind, though, she realized how great of an opportunity the school would be for Sophie and decided to reach out to her brother.

While speaking to Charlie, she even offered to pay for Sophie’s tuition and be her niece’s point of contact if he decided to send his daughter. And he was over the moon.

“Charlie was almost in tears thanking me and said this is something he and Rebecca could only dream of for Sophie,” she recalled.

She also spoke to her parents about the idea and learned that Charlie had already informed them. And if you could not have guessed it, her parents were practically jumping for joy, too.

So, you can probably imagine how shocked she was to wake up to a ton of furious text messages from Rebecca a few days ago.

Apparently, Charlie’s wife was accusing her of all sorts of things– such as trying to steal and adopt her daughter.

She also got accused of using money to manipulate Sophie and make Sophie hate her mother. Then, she was called practically every name under the sun for “trying to push Rebecca out of being a mother to Sophie.”

Understandably, she was completely confused. Of course, she loves her niece Sophie, but she was never trying to be her mother. In fact, the entire “going away to boarding school together” idea was Luisa and Sophie’s alone– not hers.

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