She Baked A Cake For Her Ex And Brought It To His Birthday Party Even Though Her Ex’s New Girlfriend Told Her Not To

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman really enjoys baking and regards herself as an amateur baker. But what good is whipping up some cake or cupcakes if there is no one there to eat them?

So, she normally uses her skills to make her loved ones’ cakes on their birthdays. And recently, her ex was celebrating his special day.

For context, she and her ex have children together, and her ex does not really enjoy sweets much. But her kids love helping bake a cake for their father every year, so she keeps the tradition going for their sake.

This birthday, though, her ex’s new girlfriend decided to plan a party for him. Plus, her ex’s girlfriend also told her that a cake was already ordered for the event– so she did not need to bake one.

And after hearing that, she ended up telling her ex’s girlfriend that would be totally fine. But, her daughter did not take the news so well.

In fact, her daughter kept asking and asking when they would be baking her father’s cake. Then, once she told her daughter that they would not be baking one, her daughter got super upset for a false reason.

“She assumed I did not like my ex, and that’s why I wouldn’t make him a cake,” she revealed.

So, since the act of baking her ex a cake was always more so to make the kids happy than her ex, she decided to just bake him a small treat. After all, her ex barely liked cake anyway, and she did not want her kids to think she hated their father.

Well, after she told her ex’s girlfriend about the new plan, it sparked some drama. Apparently, her ex’s girlfriend told her not to bake it at all and said that if she did, she was not allowed to bring it to the party.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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