She Told Her Teen Daughter That Her Grades Were More Important Than Her Pain After She Was In A Car Accident

paffy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This forty-six-year-old woman’s daughter, who is sixteen, was just in a car accident this past July. And according to her, most of her daughter’s injuries were mild.

“She went to the hospital, but they let her go home after a few days of observation,” she recalled.

However, even after her daughter got released from the hospital, she would not stop complaining about pain.

And at first, she was quite concerned, so she took her daughter to their general practitioner. Still, though, the doctor did not find anything wrong with her daughter.

In turn, she basically just told her daughter that the pain was all in her head, probably as a result of the traumatic experience, and that she would feel fine in just a few days.

Then, she noticed that her daughter stopped complaining after that conversation and thought that everything had returned back to normal for the past two months.

Well, that was until yesterday when she received an email from her daughter’s teacher. Apparently, the teacher claimed that her daughter was constantly despondent, did not participate in class, and laid their head down on their desk a lot.

And despite immediately becoming furious, she decided to go one step further.

“I was already seeing red from that [email], and I decided to check on her grades. She had turned in multiple assignments late and lost points on them– which is not at all on par with her typical performance,” she revealed.

paffy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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