She Won’t Participate In Her Stepmother’s Wedding Tradition Because She Does Not Want To Share Her Mother’s Necklace With Her Stepsister And Half-Sister

And to her surprise, her stepmother suggested that she allow her half-sister and stepsister to wear her own mother’s necklace when their weddings come around.

Her sisters also liked the idea and agreed with her stepmother, too.

They claimed that her mother’s necklace was the most beautiful piece of jewelry they had ever seen and said that they would love to wear it one day.

She was totally against the idea, though, and let her stepmother and sisters know it.

“I said that was not going to happen. That the necklace was a piece of my mom that I could have during my wedding since I cannot have her there,” she said.

Her refusing to participate in the family tradition was not taken lightly, though. Both her stepsister and half-sister were very upset that she did not want to include them.

And on top of that, her stepmother was distraught since she did not embrace the family tradition.

However, she does not feel like the tradition was really hers in the first place . And more importantly, she has no interest in sharing a part of her birth mother with her step or half-sister.

Still, her father wanted to be the family peacekeeper, so he got involved and tried to convince her to participate in the tradition.

He claimed that the gesture would mean a lot to the family. Plus, he believes that it would finally close the relationship gap and help remove the “step” and “half” titles from her stepmother and sisters.

To be frank, though, she does not want those titles removed and told her father hell no.

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