She Told Her Sister To Fix Her Overgrown, Two-Toned Hair Before Her Wedding, And Her Sister Refused

IVASHstudio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-six-year-old woman’s wedding is just three months away. And both of her sisters– Sadie, who is twenty-nine, and Olivia, who is twenty– are her maids of honor.

The event is going to be quite large and elegant since both she and her husband invited a lot of guests. Plus, they have always dreamt of a luxurious ceremony anyway.

But even though most of the wedding planning has gone smoothly, she has been running into some problems with her younger sister, Olivia– because apparently, Olivia is just being “difficult.”

The first issue she had to deal with was Olivia’s disapproval of the bridesmaid dresses. For context, she opted for a light dusty pink tone since that color matched the rest of her decor palette.

Then, she told all of the bridesmaids that they could pick whatever style dress they wanted– as long as it was that color.

Right out of the gate, though, Olivia shared how dusty pink was just not her color. In fact, she claimed that wearing it would actually make her really insecure since she is pale, and the dress would make her skin look red.

“I suggested a spray tan since the color of the dresses had already been set in stone. But, she said absolutely not– which was fair,” she recalled.

However, this disagreement was very short-lived compared to their most recent sister squabble. Now, they are actually feuding about Olivia’s hair color.

This all stems back to years ago when Olivia began highlighting her dark brown hair with blonde.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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