This Pediatric Nurse Has A Hilarious Story About Pronouncing A Little Boy’s Name Wrong

While being a pediatric nurse can be rewarding, it’s also probably one of the best jobs to have in order to hear the craziest parenting stories.

That’s certainly true for creator @lindsey_56785678, who often has trouble pronouncing children’s names when they come into her office.

“I am a pediatric nurse, and I am from the deep, deep south,” Lindsey explained. “So I butcher everybody’s name.”

The only way she is able to confidently pronounce names correctly is if they are “super simple, like Ben or Sally.”

With this in mind, she goes on to discuss one incident that happened in her office where she read a little boy’s name, Liam, on the patient chart.

A name that seems simple– it’s common and, more often than not, is pronounced the same way. Except for this time.

“I see a kid’s name on our computer, and I say, ‘Oh, Liam. I’ve got this. L-I-A-M. Liam. Easy,'” she said. “I go out, call the kid’s name. Nobody moves.”

This is odd, being that there normally aren’t any variations on the pronunciation of Liam, especially since it’s already short for William.

TikTok; pictured above is Lindsey in her video

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