While She Was In Salem, A Psychic Told Her That When She Sleepwalks, She’s Really Talking To Ghosts

If you’ve been using TikTok for a while, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen @celinaspookyboo’s infamous sleepwalking videos.

For those who may not know Celina, she is a content creator who makes a variety of funny lifestyle videos on her social media accounts.

Celina has shared all kinds of silly experiences with her followers, like her attempt at making tie-dye teeshirts and the time when she called her local sandwich shop to ask if they could make her a “funeral spread of sandwiches.”

Although Celina makes all sorts of great content, her most famous videos will always be her sleepwalking TikToks.

Celina is one of the most animated sleepwalkers we’ve ever seen. She picks things up, she talks, she throws things, etc.

Celina even started installing night vision cameras around her house to capture and post some of her craziest sleepwalking moments.

Recently, she went on a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, where she saw a psychic. The psychic told Celina that she is actually clairvoyant and that when she is sleepwalking, she’s not simply talking about things in her dream. Apparently, she’s talking to ghosts!

“Keep that in mind,” says Celina in one of her TikTok videos before cutting to a new clip of her sleepwalking antics.

TikTok; pictured above is Celina in one of her videos

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