He Proposed To His Ex With His Mother’s Engagement Ring, But The Wedding Got Called Off, So Now His Mom Wants The Ring Back, And He Is Refusing To Hand It Over

In a shocking turn of events, though, the breakup actually really broke his heart. So, he actually realized he wanted Mela in his life forever, went to his mom, and asked for his mother’s old engagement ring. Then, he proposed, and Mela said yes.

His mother’s engagement ring was reportedly not really his ex’s size or style. But, at the time, the proposal and ring made her happy.

The post-proposal honeymoon phase was seemingly pretty short-lived, though, because soon afterward, he started having second thoughts about marriage again.

His hesitation then prompted another fight, which ended with Mela taking off the ring, giving it back to him, and calling off both the engagement and their relationship altogether. What a rollercoaster!

Then, after that last breakup, he and Mela finally went their separate ways. His ex went on to meet another man named Devin, who is twenty-five years old, and will be marrying him this year.

And this time around, his ex also apparently got the ring of her dreams. He claims that Devin is totally head over heels in love with Mela and dished out fifteen thousand dollars to purchase her the perfect ring.

The only issue now, though, has to do with Mela’s wedding. Apparently, throughout all of the ups and downs in his relationship with his ex, Mela and his mother remained close both during and afterward.

So, his mother is actually invited to attend Mela and Devin’s wedding– which is supposed to be a really lavish and extravagant event.

In turn, his mother recently asked for her engagement ring back since she wanted to wear it to the wedding to feel and look her best.

But shockingly, he actually refused to return his mother’s engagement ring. Primarily, he claims that the ring is now his since it was given to him, and he also believes that if Mela sees the ring, it will make her feel bad.

Understandably, though, his mother is beyond upset and cannot possibly understand why she cannot have the ring back if he is not planning on proposing to anyone anytime soon.

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