His Wife Initially Earned More Than Him And Wanted To Keep Their Incomes Separate, But Now That He Makes $300,000 A Year, His Wife Wants To Combine Them, And He Is Refusing

“My wife always got a bit fancier stuff than me, and I was pretty jealous,” he revealed.

Still, he never actually voiced his frustrations about the inequity to his wife. And now, he realizes that perhaps he should have– even though, quite frankly, he does not understand how his wife never noticed in the first place.

Anyway, that was their situation in the past. Since working as a post-doctorate, though, his yearly income has shot up exponentially.

During those years, he claims to have networked with a few people who were in the process of launching a startup.

And after making those connections and getting involved in the project, he made a whopping three hundred thousand dollars last year. Plus, that figure does not even include his profits from his equity in the company.

So, as his wife did after earning her larger salary, he has begun to purchase more extravagant items for himself.

Most notably, he bought a Tesla Model S and is even completely paying it off with all of his own money– including the vehicle’s insurance.

Anyway, as you can imagine, he feels pretty on top of the world right now. But, when his wife suggested a new financial plan for their household, he was pretty pissed.

Apparently, his wife suggested that now, they just start combining their incomes completely. And because of that, she believes they should both get the same amount of “personal money” taken out of their joint account.

To be frank, though, he thinks her idea is ridiculous and believes now that the income scales have evened out, his wife wants to cash in.

“She wants to eat her cake and eat it too,” he vented.

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