His Wife Tried To Make Him Feel Bad For Being Too Busy While He Was In Prison To Be There For Their Children, But The Ironic Thing Is His Wife Is The Reason He Did Time In The First Place

yakovlevadaria - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Half a year ago, this man got was released from prison after spending 7 years behind bars. It was hardly his first time doing hard time, but his most recent sentence was the most difficult for him because he could not be there with his family.

“Thing is, I didn’t commit the crime; my wife did,” he explained. “I met my wife 11 years ago. We grew up in a rough area, but she always had a dream to make it out.”

“She wanted to be a nurse, and she never got in trouble. I was the total opposite. Up until I was 23, I was having constant run-ins with the law and lived every day like it was my last. When my son was born, my perspective shifted. I stopped all that…and started settling down.”

“Wasn’t the same case for my wife. We sort of switched roles in a way. She wasn’t as bad as I was, but she was on that path. She ended up selling with an old partner of mine and didn’t shut it down when I told her to. As expected, stuff came up in our house, and I took the blame. Why? My wife has never gotten in trouble with the law, and I didn’t want both of us to have a record.”

He knew that if he went down for the crime, his son wouldn’t grow up poor as he and his wife did and that his son had a chance to make it out of a bad life.

He knew that if he accepted the blame, his wife had a chance of going to nursing school, and she really was so excited to do that.

He also felt that he had been dragging his wife down a bad path, so he sat there and said it was he who had committed the crime.

He then went to prison, and his daughter was born. He felt awful that he couldn’t be there. As he did his time, his wife did go to nursing school, and she was able to move their whole family to a nicer neighborhood than the one that they had been living in.

“You know, I can’t lie and say that there weren’t moments where I felt a little resentful, but every time I’d hear my children’s happy voices in the back, or they came up to visit me, and they were safe and healthy, those resentful thoughts whisked away,” he said.

yakovlevadaria – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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