In 2015, She Got Into A Fight With Her Husband At A Friend’s Barbecue, And Then She Vanished Without A Trace

In 2015, Danielle Sleeper of Magnolia, Texas, was a thirty-two-year-old mother to three sons. She was beloved by her husband, Austin, her sister Tannah, and her parents, Dina and Chuck.

Danielle also had many friends, one of whom– Meagan Smith– she met just weeks before she vanished.

Danielle and Meagan reportedly hit it off immediately. Meagan was appreciative of Danielle’s caring nature and was glad that Danielle got along well with her two children.

So, after meeting, the pair of girlfriends began texting nonstop every day about their lives. Danielle also sometimes called Meagan to vent about Austin, her husband.

Then, on March 22, 2015, Danielle leaned on Meagan for support one last time. That morning, she was apparently having a fight with Austin, so she decided to tag along with Meagan as her friend ran errands around town.

And as the day bled into the afternoon, the pair of girlfriends decided to have a barbecue at Meagan’s house that evening.

So, Danielle took that opportunity to invite Austin, and the gathering ended up consisting of Danielle, Meagan, both of their husbands, and a few other friends.

The barbecue seemingly went well and lasted until the early morning hours. At that point, though, Meagan noticed some tension between Danielle and her husband.

Facebook; pictured above is Danielle

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