On A Date With A Guy, She Polished Off A Pitcher Of Margaritas By Herself, So He Waited 8 Months To Ask Her Out Again

Have you ever had a date not respond to you for a long time and then suddenly ask you out again? How about for eight months?

Most people in this situation would assume that after eight months of no contact from the other person, that the relationship is over.

It would make it that much more shocking when your date reaches out to you, asking for a second date. This is exactly what happened for TikToker @michellebellxo.

In a short form green-screen video, she showed a text message thread between her and her date, who hadn’t contacted her in a very long time.

While there is no voiceover on the video, the messages themselves say enough about what’s going on between them.

What started out as a friendly exchange of “hello-s” and “how’ve you been-s” turned into him asking for a date.

“So, I am actually reaching out to see if you wanted to go on a date with me this Friday?” he wrote in a message.

She responded that she would go with him on a date, but she had some questions first before completely accepting. In the video, she highlighted her text message to him so that it was visibly clear to viewers.

TikTok; pictured above is @michellebellxo in her video

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