She’s Sharing A Crazy Love Story Where It Seems That A Guy Might Have Actually Plotted The Death Of His Wife In Order To Marry Her Sister

Are you ready to hear one of the wildest love stories ever?

A hilarious TikTok user named Rachel Reeves (@mindseverybodiesbusiness), otherwise known as ‘Nosey Rosie,’ found a story on Facebook that had us shocked.

In one of her viral videos, Rachel displays a Facebook post with a picture of a happy couple at their wedding.

“Now you can just look at this picture and tell that this is the best day of this couple’s life,” says Rachel at the start of her video. “But I do have something to say about this little Facebook love story.”

She points to the groom and notes that he was first married to his bride’s sister only two months before this new wedding.

Before you go on and assume that he cheated on his wife with her sister, as most of us would, Rachel points out that there is so much more going on here.

As it turns out, his first wife died in a horrific bus accident with one of their children. Their other two children are still in the hospital and not doing well. Isn’t that awful?

Yet only two months after the accident, he married her sister. What makes this situation even more suspicious is that the cause of the bus accident has yet to be determined.

TikTok; pictured above is Rachel in her video

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