She Went On An Amazing Date With A Man And Even Made Plans To Go Out With Him Again, Yet He Ghosted Her And Disappeared Off Of Social Media

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Have you ever had an undeniable connection with someone that you thought would last for a long time—maybe even forever?

But for some reason, it’s not enough to make the other person stick around. They’re here today but gone tomorrow, seeming to have vanished without a trace.

TikToker Kristina (@kristinuhkay) is talking about how she was ghosted after an amazing date with an attractive Portuguese man. She had matched with him on a dating app.

They quickly bonded over how they were both very family-oriented and shared similar cultural values, so he asked for her phone number.

Before giving out her number, she checked him out on social media to make sure his identity lined up with who he said he was. Everything seemed to look normal, so they continued their conversation over text messaging.

They set up plans to meet at a bar near where Kristina lived. He even offered to drive her, but she declined, saying that she would get her own ride.

When she showed up, he was waiting for her outside. From the moment they were seated, they did not stop talking the whole time. They never ran out of anything to say to each other.

They stayed at the bar for so long that eventually, the lights turned on, and they were ushered out. Before they left, Kristina took her credit card out to pay for her drinks. Her date leaped over, grabbed her card, and put down his instead.

Then, he asked if he could give her a ride, and she agreed. On the way to his car, she noticed that the parking lot was completely empty and super dark. He had also parked in the back of the lot near the dumpsters.

luckybusiness – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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