She Went On An Overnight Date With A Guy To His Vacation House, But He Had No Food She Liked, So She Was Left Stranded And Starving All Night

Yevhenii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old content creator from Virginia named Caitlyn Godwin (@caitlyngodwin) is talking about how she went on an overnight date with a guy to his vacation house and was almost starved to death.

Around the time the COVID-19 pandemic began and everything started shutting down, they decided to stay at his vacation house, which was a couple of hours away from where she lived. That night, he wanted to cook dinner.

While he was preparing food, she unpacked her bag and got herself settled. Before he started cooking, they had had several conversations about the kind of food they both loved and hated, so she was confident that he would be able to whip up something good.

After she emerged from the shower, he announced that dinner was ready. At that point, she was starving, so she was eager to dig in.

But when she looked at her plate, she saw a big piece of salmon lying on it. She was not a fan of fish at all, which was a topic they had previously discussed.

Still, she thanked him for his efforts and said that she could just get something else to eat. Instead of offering her some snacks or making her something different, he let her go hungry for the rest of the night.

Her stomach was growling loudly, and she knew he could hear it. She also couldn’t go out to buy any food because she didn’t have her car.

While she sat at the table, trying not to cry, he asked her what was wrong, as if he didn’t know. Obviously, she was upset that he didn’t seem to care about how she hadn’t eaten anything all day, and then he just devoured his meal right in front of her. Finally, they went to bed.

The next morning, she noticed that he wasn’t in bed beside her. However, she smelled the aroma of food being cooked.

Yevhenii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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