You Definitely Need To Be Cleaning Your Hair Brush, And Allow Jonathan Monroe To Explain How To Do It Properly

There’s a specific way to thoroughly clean out your hairbrush, which includes a particular homemade cleaning solution and–surprisingly–a toothbrush.

“Using warm water, you want to create a stripping wash,” Jonathan mentioned. “I use ACV [Apple Cider Vinegar] and baking soda.”

Jonathan then adds all of the ingredients into the warm water and whisks it together.

“I then take a toothbrush that I will never in my mouth,” Jonathan continued. “Scrub each column and row, and when you pull that brush up, you’re gonna see all that dirt, built-up oil, skin flakes–it’s pretty gross.”

Even though the brush is now clean, there’s still one more step until you can use it again in the morning.

“Squeeze any trapped water out of the brush, then tap it on a towel,” Jonathan concluded. “24 hours, allow it to dry properly.”

This process essentially gives you a brand-new hairbrush without needing to foot the bill for another one. Give it a try, it might just be the better hair-day tool that you are looking for.

Watch Jonathan’s video here.

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